yay, its almost 3months i spend my days with my "super minytinysmally" boyfriend :) but for last one month, we rare to meet each other :( so i'm absolutely miss him so damn much .

even though many people and other things try to separate us

just keep move forward ....

i believe in one day,

there's gonna be a way for us ....

and just wanna say ....


unforgetable BALI
(December 28th 2009-January 3rd 2010)

We did 4L4Y photos :

We did silly photos:

We did stupid things in the middle of the night:
  • tanned

  • swam

  • salon & make up

And also beach at Bali :

Dreamland Beach :)

Kuta Beach :)



permiosss , CHRISTIEEE disniii :)

gak tau napa tiba2 kis pengen nulis blog . mungkin gara2 belakangan ini makin banyak hal2 yang bkin mumet kepala+bingung mau cerita k siapaa *pusingg deh boooo !* dulu pernah nulis blogg, tapi lama2 hobi yang sangat aduhai ini terlupakan . jadi sekarang kembali lagi kis nulis blogg dehh. HAHA !! *moga2 blog yang kesekian kalinya gue buad ini gak sia2 diterlantarin lagi dehhh ;p*

adiosss, MWACHS !